Laser Acne Treatments

Our Med Spa specializes in skin rejuvenation treatments and laser acne treatments for Conroe, Willis, The Woodlands, and surrounding areas. If laser acne treatments are something you have considered and want more information about, please contact our med spa to speak with a licensed professional. Together we can identify the treatment that can best enhance both your appearance and confidence so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Acne is something most of us experienced as teenagers that we hoped to grow out of as adults. However, for many adults it can be persistent and require professional acne treatments. Patients that struggle with acne can feel more self-aware about their appearance and in some severe cases may even shy away from social interaction due to feelings of embarrassment. Instead of letting acne dictate how an individual lives, they should consider how professional laser acne treatments can help them take back their life.

Why Do Adults Get Acne?

Acne is practically a rite of passage for teenagers, but it is surprisingly common in adults too. Approximately half of the adult population in their twenties, thirties, and forties suffer from persistent acne or adult-onset acne. The odds of suffering from this condition are also generally higher in women than men.

In general, adult acne may be caused by:

Fluctuating hormones


Hair and skin products

High stress levels


Underlying health conditions





While some of these conditions may cause temporary breakouts, still others may cause persistent acne that can dramatically affect an individual’s overall quality of life.

Benefits of Receiving Laser Acne Treatments

In addition to the obvious benefit of a reduction in the appearance of acne, a laser acne treatment may also help minimize acne scars and fine lines. While these are separate benefits, the overarching advantage is often the same, a significant improvement in the patient’s appearance and level of self-confidence. For some individuals this can be life-changing in terms of social interaction for work and play.

Laser acne treatments may also be preferred for patients that do not want to buy expensive or messy topical creams or take oral acne medications that can sometimes come with unpleasant side effects. Fortunately, laser acne treatment usually works on most skin types, and a customized treatment plan can help deliver desired results.

How Acne Treatments Work with the Fotona SP Dynamis Laser

The Fotona SP Dynamis laser acne treatment utilizes photo selective absorption and controlled heating effects to minimize acne inflammation and destroy overactive sebaceous glands. In addition to being noninvasive, the laser offers detailed precision and a gentle resurfacing of the skin to reduce scarred tissue and stimulate collagen production.

The precision of the laser makes it a good fit for ablative scar revision. It is used to minimally penetrate acne-scarred skin to improve its appearance in both tone and texture. The result of this type of laser treatment should be the revealing of healthier and more youthful looking skin.

Every patient is unique in their skin tone, location of acne, and intensity of acne. For that reason, while the laser acne treatment does offer amazing results for most, it can vary with the number of laser treatments required. Some people may require only one session to achieve their desired look, while others may require additional sessions over several months.

Recovery time associated with laser acne treatments is typically quite brief and may consist of symptoms such as red skin for a few hours.

Choosing the Right Provider Matters

Skin is your body’s largest organ, and it is an integral part of the human body. The skin on our faces is something we share with the world each and every day and is a large part of our outward identities. When it comes to caring for your skin, it is critical to trust it to a respected professional, but not all professionals offer the same level of care.

Look for an aesthetician with official medical training that also is expertly skilled in administering laser acne treatments. This medical background can allow a patient to have a higher level of confidence and trust in their provider and the treatment they are administering. Your skin is too precious to trust to just anyone.

New Leaf Spa and Laser is proud to employ staff with a strong medical background that are also skilled at acne laser treatments. As a result, our patients can relax and know that they and their skin are in good hands.

If you suffer from persistent or adult-onset acne and are wanting clearer skin, please contact New Leaf Spa and Laser today and request a consultation to learn more about laser acne treatments and if they are right for you.