Studies show that when we think we look better it can translate to us feeling better, which is why more men and women are not settling for looking their age. A crash course in facial fillers 101 can remove some of the mystery associated with botulinum toxin and facial filler injections by helping individuals understand exactly what is involved, how safe they are, and the potential benefits. Read on to learn more and feel greater peace of mind about these common procedures.

What Are Fillers?

The purpose of most botulinum toxin fillers is to relax the muscles which can in turn minimize the appearance of bothersome lines and wrinkles.  Facial fillers do not typically affect the muscles but instead plump the skin to make pesky lines and folds disappear.  Both procedures are non-surgical and are designed to rejuvenate the skin to make it look smoother and more youthful in appearance.

Some of the most commonly administered botulinum toxin fillers can include:

Botox: Injections of Botox are designed to make skin look younger by minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Botox utilizes botulinum toxin to temporarily block a nerve’s chemical signals and keep it from moving in a way that creates a line or fold in the skin.

Before Botox injection & 7 days after.

Jeuveau: This filler is similar in nature to Botox except for a newer version of the active ingredient that utilizes botulinum toxin to relax muscles. Results from this procedure can sometimes show almost immediately but usually require up to a week for optimal outcomes.

Before Jeuveau injection & 30 days after.

Xeomin: This popular injectable contains botulinum toxin type A, which is known for relaxing the muscles that often contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. Xeomin does not typically have additives or require refrigeration. Results from this type of injection can take a week or more to achieve the desired look and can last up to several months.

Before Xeomin injection & 30 days after.

Fillers 101: How They Work

Individuals opting to have botulinum toxin and fillers administered, should expect to undergo these procedures in a specialized care setting. It is recommended that individuals choose a filler provider that is also a professional with medical training and expertise. This can give patients greater confidence in the care they are receiving from start to finish.

Fillers are administered via a small needle into the skin. Depending on the broadness of the area being treated, it is possible that several injections will be required to achieve the desired effect. While injections can be uncomfortable, most patients say the process is not painful. However, for those who have a low pain threshold or simply wish for a greater degree of comfort, most providers can offer a numbing agent such as a cream or injection.

The majority of patients do not require downtime for recovery after receiving injections and may only experience a degree of bruising or swelling, which should subside fairly quickly. While facial fillers usually have a more immediate noticeable result, those patients receiving botulinum toxin fillers may take up to a week or more for optimal post-injection effects.

Are Botulinum Toxin and Facial Fillers Safe?

Botulinum toxin and facial fillers are considered to be safe treatments. As with any procedure done on the body, there is the possibility of some complications, but most of the time they are the exception rather than the norm.

Any time an individual is having a botulinum toxin or facial filler injection, it can be prudent to choose a provider with an aesthetic and medical background. Doing so can eliminate unnecessary worry and help a patient to feel more confident in the capability of their provider.

Benefits of Receiving Fillers

We all want to look and feel our best in everything we do. It can boost our self-confidence and make us feel more ready to go out into the world and leave our mark. For some, the effects of aging can make them begin to feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with their appearance, making filler injections a reasonable choice.

Some of the most frequently experienced aesthetic benefits of botulinum toxin and facial fillers are the decreased presence of the following:

  • Creases
  • Frown lines
  • Hollowness under the eyes
  • Wrinkles

In addition to typically yielding noticeably younger looking skin, these types of procedures usually are noninvasive and necessitate little or no recovery time post-procedure.

If you are experiencing fine lines, folds, and wrinkles in the skin that have you feeling less than confident, please reach out to New Leaf Spa and Laser today to learn which filler is best for you.