Thanks in large part to modern day fillers such as Botox, sixty is the new forty. Men and women are turning to cosmetic procedures in record numbers to help their outward appearance reflect how young and vibrant they feel on the inside. While it can be commonplace for celebrities across the globe to indulge in aesthetic treatments like Botox, they can be a source of mystery for many average Americans.

Botox and other readily accessible fillers are not just available to the rich and famous. To learn if fillers could be right for you, equip yourself with information about the various kinds of fillers, what they do, and who might be a good fit for fillers.

What Are Fillers?

At its most basic level, a filler is often utilized by aestheticians to relax facial muscles.  The benefit in doing so is to keep the muscles from appearing to contract in a way that creates fine lines and wrinkles. The result is typically a visibly plumper skin that may also minimize the following:

  • Fine lines (often found around the eyes and mouth)
  • Skin folds
  • Wrinkles

Most patients receiving facial fillers experience noticeably plumper, smoother, and more youthful looking skin.

Common Types of Fillers

Fillers, sometimes called botulinum toxin fillers, come with several options for patients. Every patient is unique, and depending on their desired outcome from a treatment, one filler may be more suited to them over another.

Most reputable med spas and beauty treatment centers will offer the following fillers:


This may be the most widely used injection by patients looking for more youthful skin minus bothersome wrinkles, lines, and skin folds. It is designed to disengage a nerve’s signals to keep it from creating creases in the skin. Botox is usually kept in refrigerated storage.

Before Botox injection & 7 days after.


Unlike Botox, Xeomin does not require refrigeration because it generally does not contain additives. This may make this injectable a more accessible option for some patients. The desired skin result of a patient can dictate the scope and timing of these treatments with results lasting for up to a month or two.

Before Xeomin injection & 14 days after.


This injectable uses the botulinum toxin to help muscles relax and may also require refrigeration prior to administering it. Jeuveau typically begins to show improvements in the skin quickly but results develop more fully over time.

Before Jeuveau injection & 30 days after.

If you have questions about which of the above fillers would be best for you, it is wise to discuss this with a reputable aesthetician before beginning treatment.

What A Botox Procedure Is Like

While mainstream fillers are common and widely considered to be safe, patients should still ensure that a provider offers it in a professional setting with staff that are classically trained in the administration of Botox and other fillers and that also have some medical training. This generally increases the patient’s confidence in the procedure and can make the appointment a more positive experience.

Botox injections can be a fairly simple process requiring little preparation. Botox is administered through a small needle that it is injected into the skin. Depending on the size of the area treated and a patient’s desired results, treatment may include several injections for one area.

The most frequently asked question from patients regarding a Botox or filler injection is, “What does the recovery look like?” Since filler injections are not of a surgical nature, most patients require little or no time for recovery. The most common side effects from a Botox injection can be a slight swelling or bruising close to the injection site.

Most patients say they can tell some signs of improvement right after a treatment, but a majority of patients report seeing the positive effects of a filler treatment over a week or more.

Who Could Benefit from Botox and Similar Fillers?

Patients who see a provider about facial fillers typically do so because they are unhappy or discouraged by newfound lines and wrinkles which can appear with age and may even be due to prolonged sun exposure.

Individuals who have one or more of the below conditions may be eligible to receive a filler such as Botox:

Creases in the skin

Frown lines

Hollowness present underneath the eyes

Pronounced wrinkles

What to Look for In a Botox Provider

Even though the popularity of facial fillers continues to grow with more facilities offering them, it is critical for patients to receive these types of cosmetic treatments at a reputable center or spa that:

Demonstrates expertise in Botox and other facial fillers

Is clean and properly sterilized

Has excellent patient reviews

Employs licensed medical aestheticians with years of experience

Offers a variety of other cosmetic procedures such as facials and chemical peels

Those looking for a solution for fine lines and wrinkles should consider speaking with their local med spa to discuss the options of Botox or other fillers. To make an appointment or for any questions, please contact New Leaf Spa & Laser today.