If the aging reflection in the mirror catches you a little off guard and has you missing that youthful glow, it may be time to talk to an aesthetician about reclaiming it with the Fotona 4D for face and neck. It can become all too easy to neglect our own self-care, but with this non-surgical laser treatment that can be performed in an hour or less, it has never been so convenient. If aging gracefully is something you want to do, minus the lines and wrinkles, make it a point to schedule a consultation today.

The Fotona 4D for Face and Neck

When receiving a laser Fotona 4D treatment for the face and neck it is designed to diminish regular signs of aging and irregularities in the skin, such as:

  • Acne marks or sunspots
  • Blemishes
  • Capillaries that are broken
  • Decreased production of collagen
  • Freckles
  • Reduced elasticity of the skin
  • Skin that sags
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

The signs of aging that the Fotona 4D for face and neck treats makes it most popular among people aged thirty and up. Individuals that are unhappy with the appearance of the skin on their face and neck generally experience increased confidence in their appearance following the treatment.

How It Works

Unlike some invasive solutions such as surgery that have the capacity to make the skin of the face and neck look more youthful, the Fotona 4D laser treatment does so without the surgical component, and it is quickly gaining popularity among men and women for its convenience.

At its core, the Fotona 4D laser treatment is successful primarily because of its usage of Er YAG and Nd YAG wave lengths. The Er YAG wavelength works to minimize skin imperfections closer to the surface while the Nd YAG wavelength penetrates the skin to treat deeper layers.

Both of these wavelengths work through four primary steps when administering the Fotona 4D laser treatment:

Smoothing the skin:

This is done through a process called SmoothLift which is done via the mouth. The laser is able to tighten the skin of the jawline and perioral region by encouraging collagen formation.

Addressing texture and pigmentation issues:

The second step, usually referred to as FRAC3, assists with treating imperfections like wrinkles and fine lines that exist deeper in the skin. Here, the Nd YAG wavelength helps increase production of elastin and collagen.

Lifting and tightening the skin:

The PIANO method is used to help tighten and lift skin with a dedicated brushing technique that treats the deeper skin layers with heat. This process uses heat to tighten and lift the skin without damaging it.

Doing a laser peel:

The final step comes in the form of a light laser peel that facilitates the removal of dead skin cells. It is the crowning touch of the four-step process and generally leaves skin looking more polished and youthful.

What to Expect

One of the biggest concerns patients undergoing any kind of aesthetic treatment have is what they should expect in terms of results, side effects, and follow up.

Results will vary from patient to patient, but most individuals typically see a noticeable improvement in the hours and days following a laser session.

After receiving the laser treatment some patients may want to consider taking the additional step of applying a specially formulated skin toner containing aminoguanidine, lactic acid, and pumpkin wine which together moisturizes the skin, provides it with key vitamins and nutrients, and leaves it feeling soft.

While the toner is optional, sun care after a laser treatment is not. To better protect the newly treated skin against sun damage, it is critical to regularly apply SPF. If uncertain what type of SPF product will work best, speak with your aesthetician for a recommendation.

When it comes to side effects of this laser session, many patients report having little to none. However, it is possible that some individuals could experience swelling, redness, or blistering. To a certain degree, this can depend on how sensitive a patient’s skin is.

Follow up laser treatments with the Fotona 4D largely hinge on the desired results of the patient. Since this is not a surgical treatment, the results are not permanent, so it is common for patients to come in periodically to receive another session.

Benefits of the Fotona 4D for Face and Neck

The skin on the face and neck can be some of the most fragile because it is frequently exposed to various environments and types of weather. The Fotona 4D for face and neck is designed to treat common aging issues for these areas of skin while yielding the end result of fresher, smoother, and more youthful looking skin.

Specifically, some of the notable benefits of the Fotona 4D for face and neck can be:

  • Exfoliation of skin
  • Decreased signs of aging
  • Increased collagen production
  • Minimized appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tightening of the skin
  • Removal of dead skin cells
  • Restoration of connective tissue for collagen production

Each of these benefits work hand in hand to reveal smoother and younger looking skin.

Where You Can Get the Fotona 4D for Face and Neck

Most reputable spas and beauty treatment centers will offer the Fotona 4D for face and neck. However, it is still highly recommended that the patient review the provider’s process and credentials. Especially when it comes to the fragile and exposed skin of these areas, it is critical that a patient be able to have confidence in both the treatment and the person administering it.

After finding a provider that meets these standards, ensure a medical aesthetician is on staff and will be the one administering the laser treatment and that they are a professional laser technician. This can enhance the experience for patients and put them more at ease.

If you desire to minimize some of the tell-tale signs of aging you are beginning to see in the mirror, consider making a consultation with a qualified aesthetician to learn more about the Fotona 4D laser for face and neck treatments. To make an appointment or for any questions, please contact New Leaf Spa & Laser today.