When it comes to learning how to hydrate and nourish your skin, quality products are a must to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. For some individuals, dehydrated skin can simply seem lackluster or aged while for others dehydration of the skin can result in itchiness, irritation, redness, scaliness, or flakiness. While there are some over the counter treatments for dry skin, more and more people are turning to spas with medical aestheticians for a professional hydration treatment that can yield optimal and long-lasting results.

The Problem with Dry Skin

The most obvious issue most individuals experience with dry skin is telltale signs such as:

  • Building up of dead skin cells
  • Cracking
  • Dullness
  • Flakiness
  • Redness
  • Peeling

Dry skin that is cracked can be of special concern because those openings may allow bacteria in and could cause a serious infection. This can be particularly bothersome when it occurs on the skin of the face because it is almost always noticeable.

A common misconception is that the skin can only become dry during the cold winter months. While that environment may contribute to dry skin, the condition can also occur from having naturally dry skin, showering or bathing with overly hot water, or even spending a lot of time in a chlorinated swimming pool.

The biggest problem with dry skin is that most individuals do not know how to hydrate and nourish their skin. It is not uncommon for someone suffering from dry skin to use dozens of products that claim to hydrate the skin but without paying too much concern to their ingredients. The end result can be breakouts and red or irritated skin because of the mixing of multiple products that are designed to treat the same issue.

Benefits of Hydrated and Nourished Skin

While it is true that professionally hydrating the skin can help eliminate unsightly symptoms such as cracking, peeling, and redness, it can also have added benefits such as:

Reduced appearance of wrinkles:

Dry skin contributes to the formation of wrinkles. In contrast, professional hydration treatments can help plump the skin and reduce the appearance of these wrinkles. This can give the skin a more youthful appearance overall.

Better skin elasticity:

Drastically improved hydration can increase elasticity which in turn may help skin that is crinkled or saggy to return closer to its original shape and tightness. This tightening of the skin can appear to take years off the face.

Improved oil control:

When the skin becomes dehydrated, the body may sense this and try to aid the skin by increasing oil production. Too much oil production can create more skin issues such as breakouts. When the skin is properly hydrated the body usually does not send the signal to intensify oil production which may help lead to a clearer complexion.

Increased skin protection:

Hydrated skin can better flush out toxins and debris as well as protect against environmental skin threats such as free radicals. This may make skin appear fresher and help it glow.

Proper hydration of the skin may have the capacity to minimize dryness, boost skincare, and help individuals feel more confident in their overall appearance. With the right products, hydration may even streamline an individual’s beauty routine.

Professional Products to Hydrate and Nourish Your Skin

For maximum effectiveness, we have created a private skincare label to help hydrate and nourish your skin. Our team has an intimate understanding of the products we are recommending as well as how they will hydrate and nourish the skin. The goal is to find several products that work hand in hand rather than all of them targeting one singular condition.

Some of our more popular and effective treatments available to hydrate and nourish your skin without fragrance or parabens are:

New Leaf Moisturizing Lipid Trio:

A private label product, this item is infused with a unique blend of squalene, ceramides, cholesterol, hyaluronic acid, and tetrapeptides. The hyaluronic acid helps plump and smooth the skin while the tetrapeptides help stimulate collagen production. This moisturizing lipid trio can be used for dry skin day and night and is also safe to use post treatment for procedures such as chemical peels, lasers, and microneedling.

New Leaf Daily Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum:

The fractionated hyaluronic acid in this serum deeply penetrates the skin to encourage moisture retention and skin barrier repair. The zinc PCA and copper PCA it contains work simultaneously to reduce oil production. Individuals with naturally oily skin may find this to be one of the best moisturizing skincare solutions. The hydrating serum is safe for day and night use as well as during microneedling and post treatment for peels.

New Leaf Eye Brightening Niacinamide Cream:

The high percentage of green tea polyphenols and all-trans-retinol in this cream make it a superstar when it comes to targeting dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around the eyes. It is most effective when applied at night or during the day with strong SPF.

New Leaf GLY/SAL 2-2, 5-2, 10-2:

These specially formulated pads using hydrating ingredients and salicylic and glycolic acid can help with oil control, breakouts, and pores. The toner can be used daily and is available in two percent, five percent, and ten percent strengths.

New Leaf Soothing Gentle Green Tea Cleanser:

This soap-free cleanser uses green tea polyphenol to soothe and hydrate the skin and is particularly good for those with sensitive skin.  The cleanser works with most skin types and may also be effective in helping to remove stubborn eye makeup.

New Leaf Sheer Tinted SPF 50:

When it comes to skincare, SPF is essential. This broad-spectrum SPF offers UVA/UVB protection along with lactic and hyaluronic acids. This SPF can be used with most skin types for all day use and can play a key role in your daily beauty regimen.

Whether you are experiencing dull and lackluster skin or more pronounced symptoms of skin dehydration such as flakiness and cracking, an expert hydrating skin treatment from a licensed medical aesthetician is an ideal solution. Stop wondering how to hydrate and nourish your skin and leave it to the professionals. To make an appointment or for any questions, please contact New Leaf Spa & Laser today.