As fall and winter arrive and we are surrounded by all the festivities that come with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve, most of us are not focused on next year’s swimsuit season. But believe it or not, now is the perfect time to prepare for summer with laser hair removal. Visiting New Leaf Spa and Laser now can ensure that you are hair free and completely ready for bikini season while everyone else will still be focusing on losing the ten pounds they gained over the long holiday season.

What Is Involved in Laser Hair Removal?

Pesky body hair is a struggle for both men and women. While most women seek this type of hair removal primarily for the underarm and bikini areas, men often seek it for their back, shoulders, and chest. Other areas of the body eligible for laser hair removal in men and women can include:

  • Buttocks
  • Face
  • Legs

One of the complaints of people with unwanted body hair is that it tends to grow back almost as soon as it is plucked, shaved, or waxed. It can seem like a never-ending cycle that quickly starts to irritate the skin, causing even more issues in an already problematic area.

Fortunately, many med spas are now offering a more modern and long-lasting method of hair removal that is laser based. Rather than painfully jerking a hair from its root deep in the skin, laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that focuses light beams on the root of body hair and damages it. This destruction of the body hair root substantially discourages further hair growth, eventually leaving patients with smoother, hair free skin.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal vs. Other Methods

While the name of the treatment itself identifies the most obvious benefit of laser hair removal, there are additional benefits, including:

  • Minimal presence or absence of unwanted body hair
  • Silky, smooth skin even in sensitive areas
  • Absence of scars
  • Less time spent on hair removal
  • Less chance of suffering an ingrown hair

Some individuals who struggle with the presence of unwanted body hair may be tempted to try a do-it-yourself method such as plucking, shaving or waxing, but there are a few drawbacks to be aware of before getting started.

Waxing: While waxing kits are offered over the counter and at some salons, the procedure can be hard on skin, especially sensitive areas. In addition to being painful, waxing can result in ingrown hairs. But for most patients, the main downfall of waxing is that hair must grow out in between treatments so it is long enough for a wax strip to adhere to the hair.

Tweezing: Typically, this method is limited to only smaller areas of the skin such as eyebrows.  For this particular area of the body, the risk in tweezing away unwanted hair is that it can be quite painful, may result in an ingrown hair, and is difficult to keep symmetrical to the other eyebrow shape.

Shaving: Razors, creams, and lotions are available at almost any grocery or drug store, but the reason they are sold so abundantly is because users need to keep buying and using the products to be successful in hair removal. Shaving can result in nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs. The curve of the skin in some areas such as the bikini area and under the arms can make a razor difficult to manipulate without causing injury. Of all the methods of over the counter hair removal, shaving tends to allow hair to grow back the fastest, sometimes within a day or two.

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Prepare for Summer with Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a simple and unobtrusive method to getting rid of unwanted body hair, but to do it right and achieve the best results, the process takes time. This is the reason that now is the perfect time to prepare for summer with laser hair removal. Most patients have months before they need to be swimsuit ready, and that gives them time to seek laser hair removal treatments without the clock working against them.

Another reason to start preparing for laser hair removal in fall and the dead of winter is that many spas request that clients halt any hair removal methods for up to six weeks before their first laser treatment.  This means all methods, including shaving, plucking, and waxing. The need to wear long sleeved shirts, long pants, and heavy winter coats could not come at a more perfect time than when a patient is having to grow out their body hair in preparation for laser treatment.

This can also come in handy when beginning the treatment in case there is any initial sensitivity or redness at the treatment site. Although most patients report no or little discomfort during and after laser hair removal, some may experience slight redness or irritation. Winter clothing will help keep others from noticing skin imperfections.

Most patients benefit from multiple treatments rather than a one and done procedure. Laser hair removal is simply more effective when done slowly over time. While it is true that most patients will see an immediate change in the presence of body hair after a treatment, typically results only get better with time and additional treatments.

The reason several treatments are often required is because of the various stages of the life cycle of a hair follicle. Hair in different parts of the body go through this life cycle at different rates, and for laser hair removal to be successful the follicles must be permanently damaged. For this reason, multiple treatments are usually recommended to achieve desired results.

Choosing the Right Providers

While laser hair removal is a safe procedure, the person performing the treatment should be well qualified to do so. Look for an aesthetician who is expertly trained in how to operate and perform laser treatments on the body.

For added peace of mind and comfort about the procedure from start to finish, it is recommended that patients seek laser hair removal from a provider with a strong medical background as well.

Add a little extra sparkle to your holiday glow with the knowledge that now is the perfect time to prepare for summer with laser hair removal. By starting your laser hair removal journey now, you can be carefree and ready to enjoy beach time, cruise season and summer pool parties. To make an appointment or find out more about how to get started now for summer, please reach out to New Leaf today.